Prepare your LaTeX document for publication

When your manuscript has been accepted for publication, and you have adjusted the layout to the publisher’s requirements, these are the final steps before submission:

  • Create a new folder “Manuscript_revised” and save your .tex file to it.
  • Save all external illustration files into your new folder.
  • Clean up your code, specifically:
  • Remove any code that is commented out.
  • Remove any code from the preamble that you do not need for the document.
  • Create a bibliography file that only contains the references in the document using bibexport.
  • To do this, I usually navigate to my “Manuscript_revised” folder in the Terminal.
  • Then I type
    bibexport -o SpecificBibliography.bib Manuscript_revised.aux
  • Then I replace the reference to my bibliography file in my .tex document by the new SpecificBibliography.bib I just created
  • Compile, check, print out and look for typos.
  • Submit (yay!)