I am a professor of linguistics at Heinrich-Heine-Universität in Düsseldorf. My work bridges several subdisciplines in linguistics, including language documentation, typology, formal semantics, morpho-syntax and corpus linguistics. I’m autistic.

Since a lot of people have been wondering about my name, here is a page with instructions for pronunciation.

I live in Düsseldorf with my philosopher husband David Löwenstein, and our son Leonhard.

Here is my account on Mastodon


  • Custom typological maps with R
    I used to plot my typological language data to geo-spatial maps with Generic Mapping Tools, which is awesome, and where a simple two-liner will do the job. But I found this hard to use in teaching, since it doesn’t run smoothly on everyone’s operating system. So it’s time for me to move on and learn … Continue reading “Custom typological maps with R”
  • Wrapping up 2022: more talks and publications
    I haven’t been posting regularly about recent talks and publications, so here are a few more highlights from the second part of 2022:
  • German Olympiad of Linguistics
    I am heavily involved in organizing the German Olympiad of Linguistics each year (Deutsche Linguistik-Olympiade, DOL). I am primarily responsible for designing, curating and testing puzzles for the three rounds of competitions we host. In order to gain more support, we got together to found a “Verein”, the kind of institution that makes Germany go … Continue reading “German Olympiad of Linguistics”
  • A Grammar of Daakaka online
    My grammar of Daakaka, which was first published in print in 2015, is now available online from De Gruyter’s website. Please check if you can access it via your institution, or get in touch with me for a digital copy.