Autism blog

I only realized recently that I’m autistic with ADHD. This is a profound realization to me, since I never understood why some aspects of my life were so dramatically different from others (I thought, for a very long time, that the notion of a happy childhood was a hoax), until I learned about my neurodivergence. I am currently sifting through my life’s experience through this new lense and will blog my thoughts here. I will here focus on how my autism shapes my work as a linguist and professor.

  • Fight or fight
    A few years back, I was at a conference dinner. Two senior scholars, who were seated next to me, and had been engrossed in conversation, suddenly turned to me and asked what kept me motivated. My immediate response was “Rage”. We all chuckled, but it’s the raw, unedited truth. To me, my Rage is like … Continue reading “Fight or fight”
  • Mouthwords
    Given that I am highly multilingual, I often get asked how many languages I speak fluently. I generally respond with “none”, and this isn’t a joke. My thoughts are not word-shaped. This is one reason why I was puzzled by claims in the Chomskyan tradition (e. g. Hauser, Chomsky, Fitch 2002) that the capacity for … Continue reading “Mouthwords”